We are Black + Olive.



Black+Olive’s mission is to completely transform the way people express their love by creating carefully-curated gift boxes for the modern-day lover. Unlike our competitors, we realize that the ideas of love and how we truly care for one another are ever-changing. We want to stay abreast of that change, and in doing so, we adhere to one of the most popular models of communication: the five love languages. Whether romantic, familial, or self love, Black+Olive makes it our business to help our customers express it.

Incorporating different languages that speak to the masses is also important to our commitment to inclusion. We are passionate about equal opportunities for all businesses and their owners, as we believe that offering diverse products is the only way to truly delight consumers. The authentic meaning of any language comes from the culture behind it. If we want our love languages to be their most impactful, we’ve got to put an inclusive culture behind it. In our efforts to champion businesses of color, like ours, we source the vast majority of the products in our boxes from minority-owned businesses.

We are industrious in our work to build a company that embodies racial equity, values different backgrounds, and recognizes unique perspectives. We give significant consideration to small businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19, aiming to provide a platform for those businesses to sell their products on a larger scale.